Department of Economics


Semester  I


  1. To get informed about the Economics.
  2. To give knowledge about consumer’s Behaviour.
  3. To learn the factor’s of production and how to use it.
  4. To understand Elasticity of Demand.


Semester  II


  1. To understand the process of Revenue Analysis.
  2. To give knowledge about Market Structure.
  3. To learn the elements affecting factors of pricing.
  4. To learn the Theories of profit.


Semester  III


  1. To get informed the Nature are Scope of Macro-Economics.
  2. To understand the concepts of National Income, GNP,NNP,GDP.
  3. To learn the value of money, inflation and Deflation.
  4. To impost the knowledge of monetary and Fiscal Policy.


Semester  IV


  1. To give emphasis on critical appraisal of the commercial Bank in India after Nationalization.
  2. To give knowledge about ‘Modern Banking’
  3. To give idea about Indian Financial Market and Capital Market.
  4. To understand the ‘Health Economics,  causes of Health Problems.


Semester  V


  1. To get informed  about the nature of Indian Economy.
  2. To introduce Indian Agriculture, problems to the students.
  3. To give knowledge about the Need, Importance and Role of Industries in Economic Development.
  4. To aware the student about Employment and poverty.


Semester  VI


  1. To know the concept of Economic Development and Growth with stress on sustainable Development.
  2. To know about the Economic Planning.
  3. To learn the Nature and Scope of Public Finance, Sources of Public Revenue, Classification of Taxes.
  4. To Understand about the FDI, Multi National Corpovations.