According to the guidelines received from NAAC Bangalore, our college has started the IQAC cell from the session 2004-05. The objective of the cell is to assist the administration to sustain and enhance the quality of higher education imparted to the students in our institution by consistent innovative outlook in the departments of curriculum, teaching and learning, infrastructure, measures for student’s progression ,governance and innovative programmes. To realize this objective the IQAC was constituted with the cell comprising of representatives from the management administration, teaching staff, alumni, parents, society and students. An annual meeting to discuss the possibilities of improvement is taken. The decisions taken are implemented in the next session of the college. The IQAC cell of the college has designed a host of committees to decentralize the work and to incorporate the innovative ideas and organizing skills of every member of the college. Following are the names of the committees run under IQAC cell of the college and their arena of work and purpose.

1 Career development
Career Guidance programme
Spoken English Programme
To prepare the students for their careers. Mr.Amar Damle
Dr. Ms.Suchita Marathe
2 Sports Promotion Committee Yoga Workshop Sports camp To achieve all –round development of the students Dr.Chatterjee Ms.Kubade , Ms.Koopulwar
3 Women Development cell Health project Celebration of International Women’s Day To sensitize the students towards the problems related to women Ms. Archana Gupta
Dr. Ms. Rajashree Gajgate
Dr. Ms. Shubhangi Kukekar
Ms. Anju Sharan
4 Value Enhancement cell One programme on inculcation of good values To develop good values and upright future citizens Ms. Renuka Moharir
Ms. Anjali Pajankar
5 ICT & Computer cell Computer training to students ICT in education College website update To equip the students & faculty members with ICT and fulfill the guidelines of NAAC by regular updating of the college website. Ms.Amruta Bhuskute
Dr. Ms. Vasanti Nichkawade
6 Parent- Teacher Association Annual meetings with parents in the college To take the feedback from the stakeholders i.e. parents and broaden our outlook. Ms.Deepashree Patil
Dr. Sunita Zinzarde
7 Alumni association Scholarships and get-togethers To keep in touch with the glorious alumni of the college and give them an opportunity to give back something to their alumnus. Ms.Anita Shahu
Dr. Samidhan Chavan
8 UGC Update Weekly Update Nodal Officer To be updated About UGC guidelines Dr.Suchita Marathe
Dr. Charuta Joshi
9 Research cell ISSN Journal Research initiatives for students To ingrain research aptitude in students and staff Dr.Shambharkar
10 Innovative Programme Panel Discussion National Seminar for non-teaching Staff Wall magazine Srujan To widen the scope of activities Dr.Charuta Joshi
Dr. Suchita Marathe
Ms. Archana Gupta
11 Green cell Lecture on Environmental Awareness Tree Plantation at Gonhi-Sim To make students aware of environment conservation Dr. Ms.Shubhangi Kukekar
Dr. Ms. Deepa Balkhande
12 Mentoring cell Bridge courses ,To guide the students by appointing mentors To solve the difficulties of the students. Ms.Amruta Bhuskute
Dr. Zinzarde
13 Extension Activity cell Extension activities of the college To help the society with the expertise present in the college. Dr.Rajshree Gajghate
Ms. Renuka Moharir
14 Indradhanu Cluster Co-ordination of Indradhanu Cluster activities To make available a platform for the give and take of ideas with the other colleges in Indradhanu cluster. Dr.Charuta Joshi
15 Entrepreneurship development cell Certificate course Lecture on any other relevant topic To give vocational training to the students and create awareness for entrepreneurship. Dr. Kukekar
Dr. Balkhande
Dr. Gajghate