Established in 1932
(Reg. No. F-444 (Nagpur) Under Bombay Public Trust Act.)
( Reg. No. 1 of 1932 -1933 Under Societies Registration Act.)


In 1854 the Bhonsale Rule came to an end and the British regime started. The government did not have a separate education department till 1862. The Missionary schools existed but people were reluctant to send their children to these English schools on the ground of religion.

But the need for an English education was increasingly felt. There was a primary school which was being run by Shri T.N. Ahirrao, Shir Nanasahab Chitnavis etc. On 1st April 1896 English Classes were added to it and the School was named "The Grant-in Aid Anglo-Vernacular School" under the Head Mastership of Shri B.D.Agashe, Shri B.K Bose and Shri Gangadharrao Chitnavis were closely associated with the management of the School.

In 1870 the name was changed to "City School". In the year 1871 some classes of the School were started in Budhwari area for the benefit of the children Koshti Samaj.

In 1881 a School was started exclusively for girls. Now a college was needed and so the Morris College was started by the same society in 1885. The Society conducted it for 26 years and in the year 1911 it handed it over to the government.

In the year 1893 the name of the School was changed to "Neil-city School" as Shri Neil the then Commissioner of Nagpur had helped the Society a lot in procuring land and accommodation for the school.

In 1930 Shri J.M Kayande had started the "Nagpur College". The office bearers in the management of "Neil City High School" and "Nagpur College" joined hands and established NAGPUR SHIKSHAN MANDAL in the year 1932.

Nagpur Shikshan Mandal sought affiliation of the College to Nagpur University. They were asked by the University to change the name of the College. This was done. The Nagpur College was named as City College in the same year i.e. 1932. It was granted affiliation by Nagpur University. Till the year 1941 it also earned government grant. But in the year 1942 the grants were stopped as the government was not pleased with the nationalistic tendencies of the management and its help to students who were connected with the freedom movement. This created a financial crisis. But timely help came from Shri Aidanji Binzani of the Karmavir Book Depot. He donated Rs. 51,101/- and the College was renamed as Shri Binzani City College. Today, it has Two Shifts, Two Faculties and Post Graduate Classes and its own Hostel Building and an Independent Library Building.

Shri Mathuradasji Mohota donated Rs. 1,00,000/- to Nagpur Shikshan Mandal and Shri Mathuradas Mohota College of Science was started in 1949. In the year 1999, the College celebrated its Golden Jubilee and it concluded with the inauguration of Golden Jubilee Hall, Library Hall, Industrial Chemistry Hall and Publication of a Souvenir to commemorate the occasion

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Neil City High School in the year 1950, Shri Dadasaheb Dhanwatey gave a donation of Rs. 60,000/- and the School was renamed as Shri Dadasaheb Dhanwatey Nagar Vidyalaya. An eminent ex-student of the School, Shri Madhao Shrihari Aney presided over the anniversary function. The School celebrated its Centenary in 1969 and its 125th anniversary in 1994.

In the year 1961 Shrimati Binzani Mahila Mahavidyalaya was started exclusively for education of girls with the donation of Rs. 50,201/-from Shrimati Manakamikabai Binzani. In the year, 2012 the college celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

In the year 1973 a Kinder Garten was started and English Primary School was added to it in 1977. On the Dhan-teras Day of 1983, the Laxminarayan Trust of Nagpur announced a donation of Rs. 2,50,000/- and subsequently, this Unit of Nagpur Shikshan Mandal was named as Ramesh Chandak English School with effect from 1.4.1984 An all India Hindi Kavi Sammelan was organised by Shri A.K. Gandhi and Shri Vikram Shah with enthusiastic support of the other members of Nagpur Shikshan Mandal and fetched for the School a net amount of more than one lakh fifty thousand rupees. The school had celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1998.

The Mandal has constructed 41 houses in Vidyanagari exclusively for the members of the staff of its institutions. It has also constructed 22 houses on ownership basis for its teaching faculty in Hanuman Nagar, The complex is called the Professors' Colony.

The year 1982 was the Golden Jubilee year of Nagpur Shikshan Mandal. The Jubilee was celebrated with various programmes for a period of five years and it concluded with the publication of a Souvenir to commemorate the occasion.

All the three colleges have been Re-Accredited and awarded "B" grade by the NAAC under UGC in July/August 2010.

Now, to update the family of Nagpur Shikshan Mandal consists of 6859 Students, 199 teaching & 104 non-teaching staff members in its five institutions and 56 citizens as members of Nagpur Shikshan Mandal.